Frida´s meny 17. mai

So nice that you want to celebrate 17th May here at Frida! National Day is one of the busiest days, so in order to deliver the best possible service, we have a somewhat limited menu. Groups of more than 10 must order one of the sharing dishes for the whole company, and if a starter and dessert are desired, it must also be the same for the whole company.
The dessert menu will be in the restaurant. We naturally adapt to allergies, and can make Frida y Diego vegetarian.


Nachos con salsas og gucamole
Thin and crispy cornbread.

Frida naturally makes her own nachos in the original Mexican way, and serves them with morita salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, pico de gallo and our homemade guacamole.
Contains: Sulphites, eggs and traces of wheat.

Aguachile Sinaloa
Aguachile literally means “chili water”. This suitably strong seafood dish is a specialty from Sinaloa in the north of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.

Here at Frida, you will be served Aguachile Sinaloa with the best ingredients. Clipfish from Mathias in Ålesund made in passion fruit aguachile. Pickled red onion, cucumber and various vegetables are included. Served with Frida’s own tostadas.
Contains: Sulphites, fish, shellfish and sesame seeds.

Queso fundido
A popular festive dish from Mexico, which is often compared to cheese fondue.

When Frida makes the festive dish, it is with oven-baked cheese, creamed vegetables and chorizo sausage. This is served with four wheat or corn tortillas, salsa verde and pico de gallo. The dish can easily be shared and enjoyed as a starter.
Contains: Lactose, wheat, gluten and sulphites.

Main Courses

Pollo con mole
Mole is Mexico’s national pride. Chicken in mole sauce is a festive dish from central Mexico. This mole consists of 25 unique ingredients of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, seeds and bread, in addition to chocolate which adds the characteristic earthy colour.

Frida takes her name from the Mexican artist and feminist icon Frida Khalo. She put her diligence into preparing a perfect mole. We have been inspired by that. Our Pollo con mole consists of grilled chicken fillet, homemade mole, esquites (corn salad) with sautéed vegetables and rice in the Mexican style. This is topped with pickled red onion and fried spinach.
Contains: sesame seeds, walnuts, sulphite, wheat and lactose.

Chamorro en adobo
Long-roasted pork knuckle (chamorro) is a specialty from the Yucatán Peninsula. A peninsula that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico. The spice and chilli marinade adobo makes the chamorro tasty.

At Frida, our chamerro is marinated in our particularly tasty adobo, which is made with dark beer and stock. It is served on a bed of vegetables and potatoes.
Contains: Sulphites.

Filete de res en crema de huitlacoche
Mexican truffle, Huitlacoche, is a distinctive Mexican delicacy mushroom that grows on corn. It is popular with beef fillet.

Frida prefers grilled tenderloin (200 grams) on a bed of huitlacochemole. As a side dish, we like sautéed vegetables, potato/carrot puree, topped with fried leeks and spinach.
Contains: Milk, sesame seeds, traces of wheat.

Sharing Plates (minimum 2 people)

Frida’s popular shared dishes provide a varied taste experience.

Plato Frida y Diego
Grilled chicken fillet, beef tenderloin and grilled chorizo sausage. Served with quesadillas, corn on the cob, ajillo potatoes, stuffed jalapeños, charros beans, stuffed corn quesadillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, morita salsa, chipotle mayo, mango habanero salsa and Mexican style rice. This can also be made vegetarian.

Contains: Milk, sulphites and gluten.
Per pers 499.-

Taquiza al pastor
A mixture of achiote marinated chicken, beef and pork. Comes with Mexican style rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, morita salsa, chipotle mayo and mango habanero salsa. Served with corn or wheat tortillas. Then you have everything you need to make your own tacos!

Contains: Gluten, sesame, sulphite, egg and milk.
Per pers 499.-

Our usual dessert menu applies and will be available in the restaurant.

Sides & Extras

Wheat quesadillas: 49.- contains: wheat and milk.
Filled corn quesadillas: 49.- contains: milk.
Tomato salad: 59.- contains: sesame seeds and sulphites.
4 extra tortillas: corn (gluten-free) or wheat (contains: wheat) 20.-
Guacamole: 49.- contains: sulphites.
Stuffed Jalapeños: 59.-