We are passionate about showing Trondheim the magic of Mexican cooking. That is why we have been working hard for a couple of months to develop “A taste of Frida”. Now we are ready to serve our 8-course tasting menu. This is a shared dish for two or more (but in pairs), where you get to taste a bit of most things from the upgraded menu”, says general manager Guillermo Lopez.

“A taste of Frida” is a party firework of a dining experience with a total of 8 dishes shared by two people, and it is very nicely priced:

For generous amounts of food, you now pay only NOK 399,- per person.

“A taste of Frida” must be booked no later than the day before, and the offer lasts until July.


NOTE: A taste of Frida must be booked no later than the day before via the usual booking on this page. Only A La Carte is available as an option, it is because we do not have the capacity for more servings of “A taste of Frida” on the day in question.


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